North East Surrey Crematorium

The Funeral Arrangements

Most people prefer to ask a funeral director to make the arrangements on their behalf. Funeral directors will provide the coffin, funeral cars and staff for the service. They may also help with other items such as flowers and refreshments.

Arranging the funeral

Cremation services are usually arranged between 9.20am and 4.40pm, Monday to Friday and last up to 40 minutes.

We can arrange for longer service periods and, if required, for services later in the day or at the weekend.

There is seating for about 80 people, but there is standing room inside and outside the chapel. Please let us know in advance if this is likely to be a requirement and we will ensure that we meet your needs with speakers to relay the service outside the chapel.

The service may have any religious character, be non-secular, informal or be omitted. Your funeral director will be able to help you decide the type of service and may help with arrangements.

If hymns are to be sung the use of the organs available in the chapels is strongly recommended. An organist should be booked in advance with your funeral director. With advance notice, recorded music may be played