North East Surrey Crematorium

After the funeral

The Ashes

All cremations are carried out with great care. Each coffin is cremated separately, usually on the same day as the service, exactly as it is received.

If you wish, you may arrange for two representatives to see the coffin placed in the cremator. The ashes may be collected later or buried in the garden of remembrance according to your wishes.

This decision need not be taken immediately. People often wish to take time to decide the best form of memorial, so we are able to keep the ashes for several weeks after the service.

Before the ashes may be collected, we will need a written instruction from the funeral director or yourself. It is helpful to have advance notice so that a certificate can be prepared.

The cremation and the disposal of ashes is recorded in the registers held at the crematorium. We provide a biodegradable box for the cremated remains, or we can provide a plastic urn by request. Alternatively a metal urn may be purchased.

You are able to make appointments to witness the burial of ashes or you may give instructions simply for the ashes to be buried in the garden of remembrance. If you wish ashes to be near others previously placed in the garden of remembrance, we will need details of the name and date of the previous funeral.

The flowers

Any flowers on or around the coffin will be placed in the cloister walkway leading to the garden. You may take them away immediately following the service or arrange to collect them within the following seven days before the crematorium arrange for their removal.