North East Surrey Crematorium

Garden of remembrance

The garden of remembrance is situated close by the crematorium. The cloister walkway leads to the garden where visitors may rest and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Commemorative items such as plaques and tablets, dedicated plots and rose bushes are set out in the garden.
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  • ROSE TREES AND BUSHES The beauty of the garden of remembrance is enhanced by an abundance of rose bushes and trees planted there. The dedication of a rose tree has always been a popular choice for remembering a loved one and there are a range of different memorial plaques available.
  • ROCKERY PLAQUES Plaques, which are a traditional form of memorial, are available for placing in the rockery areas in the garden of remembrance.
  • CREMATED REMAINS PLOTS Plots for the interment of the ashes of up to four people, marked with either red or grey granite memorial stones, with an integral vase for cut flowers, are available in the garden of remembrance. (Subject to availability.)
  • REMAINS GRAVES Grave spaces for the interment of cremated remains are available in the garden of remembrance
  • MEMORIAL SEATS - Subject to space availability memorial seats with an inscribed plaque may be placed within the grounds of the garden.
  • KERB MEMORIAL VASES Memorial Vases, located adjacent to the pathways in the garden of remembrance, are available for the interment of ashes.
  • TREE OF LIFE A memorial leaf may be placed on the Tree of Life with an inscription of up to 107 letters / spaces. Each silver leaf measures 150 mm x 150 mm and is made of opaque brushed finished metal.
  • GRANITE NICHE The Granite Niche is an individual above-ground chamber that will accept up to four sets of ashes. The chamber is sealed by a granite tablet that can be inscribed with your choice of inscription.